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Senior Organization improvement Consultant, PMO, Marketing Sales Manager; Executive Manager,
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Direction générale

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17 septembre 2014

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CV :

Specialist management of international complex projects, and solution/organizational performances improvement & development with transversal and vertical interface roles (concept, product development & product management; pre & post launch, commercial phases):

 Lead & manage multi-tasks in dynamic fast-paced environments (US-Canada, Europe, LATAM et ASIAP) for Global companies, SME & Start-ups of interconnected sectors: Pharma, vaccine, medical devices, biotechnology; Telecom, IT hard & soft
 Trilingual: English, Spanish; French Mother Tongue; German basic
 Marketing Business Development Sales Management: deep experience on unmet markets & innovative solutions (products –services); Multifaceted mind, enable to see and make appear solutions.,
 PLM (Product Life cycle management): market /solutions creation-adaptation-development
 PMO optimization & management: Portfolio, Program and Project estimating, scheduling, reporting, co-ordination of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, Critical path management (cost, risk, quality)
 Organizational performances development / Change Management: Matrix hybrid organizations set up & support (governance, communication, alignment of strategic and operational roadmaps…)
 Deep knowledge of interconnected sectors specificities: strategic operational and technical problematics, industrial, policies-lobbying and regulatory aspects (FDA, GMP, HAS, SNITEM…...).
 Leadership with decision-making & quick efficient integration (flexibility, adaptability; enable to act serenely and with legitimacy).
 Strategic operational and technical multidisciplinary competencies which enable me to make the link on interface roles in matrix organizations: from top management to operational, from IT to technical as non-technical functions, between pluridisciplinary & multicultural audiences internally as externally (suppliers, distributors, partners).
 Confirmed proactivity & problem solving with integrity, team-spirit and customer-oriented qualities. Capacity to motivate, to federate teams and to make change (practices, mentalities…).

2010-today Consultant / Transition Manager (Paris/Lyon-FR) Optimization of SME/Multinational divisions & departments organizations / Products portfolio improvement through Project management best practices linked to product development & commercialization (France, International).

In parallel of missions realized for AGAP2, active Business development support with perspective of a Life Sciences BU creation; high company commercial resources turnover with lack of knowledge on the interconnected sectors Life Sciences / New Technologies.
 Consulting: successful missions with recognized value-added contribution by clients and AGAP2;
 Business development: identification of opportunities included which enable to support and to open new account for AGAP2 with BD mission; testimony article wrote with client accordance on mission ; highlight of life sciences aspects shared with AGAP2 members which enable an improvement of marketing (web; flyer);

- VOLUNTIS, Software medical device and patient relationship management (PRM) Project owner: Multidisciplinary interconnected platform solution (home care/hospital)
 Innovative ehealth MtM diagnostic/monitoring (Software design, Web technologies, SaaS, Cloud-computing...) with healthcare/patient/economical value proposition problematics & global RA– Quality specificities
 Integrated project management (project/IT/Change management); transversal collaborative team

- BECTON DICKINSON (BioTechnology), pre-filled generic/biosimilar injectable combination products: Optimization/structuration of BDRx PMO division [7 months, Agap2 mission] Project Leader: from product concept its development to its commercialization; Emphasis improvement of collaborative triangle R&D- Industrial Operations-Marketing/Business;
 Team organization & federation gap analysis; Roadmaps; Trainings/coaching Change management, communication, Risks management; Technology/Product transfer; Collaboration with experts for lesson-learned memo (Regulatory – FDA guidances…-, Microbio, Analytical, Process, Packaging…)
 Product/Project Strategy & Operation recommendations followed by implementation,
 New potential products portfolio investigations market evaluation vs ROI (partners, product, technologies).

- SANOFI PASTEUR, Vaccines - Immunology, 1st Dengue vaccine, unmet market, Global Strategic Launch / Pre-Launch Marketing & Market Access (LATAM, ASIAP, US, AMEE); [25 months, Agap2 mission] Program Manager
 Transversal multidisciplinary program & product management optimization from Industrial Operations to Business activities & close collaboration with R&D/Clinical/Regulatory and Regional Teams: (Supply, Quality, Public Policy, Epidemiology, BI, Finances, Pricing, Communication aspects...; core-team, management team, steering committees; Gap-analysis, risks/change.

- CRYPTOLOG (Software): Marketing & Business Strategy Manager [6 months]. Launch/management of products, segmentation/ quantification of potential business (focus Healthcare market), needs & competition analysis, proposition of actions plans.

2008-2009 EMEA Marketing & Business Development Specialist, SEAGATE, Storage Industry, (92-FR) Retail BU Development (EMEA, Russia) Tiers/customers: E-tailers, directs marketers, resellers, distributors, sub-distributors, CES... Quarterly budget +850K€; Keys countries sales programs results: +59.2% Tier 1, +40% Tier 2

2006-2008 International Marketing & Business Development Manager, ECHOSENS, Medical Devices IT, (75-FR), operational and strategic role Creation/development of department, Portfolio management, (EMEA, Americas, ASIAPAC, Russia). High tech, Ultrasounds/Imaging/Elastography, chronic diseases/Hepatitis/Tissue, Revenue 2006-2008: +62%
 Marketing department creation & Business Development improvement; Multidisciplinary Interface role/ Lobbying: Competitive, technological vigilance. Creation of partnerships (pharmaceutical, distributors...); change management.
 CRM; Communication (Budget +250K€)

2003-2006 Market Researcher- Member Centers of Excellence Europe, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, Pharmaceutical Industry, (78-France), Mature and new products portfolio management - Depression –Urology – Smoking cessation; Helpdesk & Program Manager, Customer satisfaction: +40% on 6 months; Creation of a department; Systems of in information (SI) improvement (pharmacies and mass-market channels, OTC/GMS).

2000-2002 Coordinator to South Europe and EMEA operations Director. UUNET-WorldCom International, Telecom, (92-France): Implementation, optimization, development of structures & services.

Remarques :

 PMI – PMP certification in progress (Project Management Professional); Deputy Marketing & Communication Director PMI France

 2003 University of Amiens (France, e-learning) Master Degree in International Business and Management, Strategies and Marketing, NTIC-Informatics and Information Systems (grade A-)
 1997 University of Toulon and Var (France) Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Business Studies, Marketing, Advertising, International Business. IT

 Thruster/Organizer (major role) – Assessor/Developer & Explorer/Promoter (related roles); Margerison McCann Team Management Wheel;
 INFJ ; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Interests/leisure activities: exotic plants, NTIC, Fine Arts, Chess, Roller skate, deep-sea diving.

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