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SAP/QM expert
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Date de dernière mise à jour :

2 mars 2016

Lieu :

Lausanne/geneve/ Zurich/ Constance

CV :

2012 to now: Freelance consultant
 January 2016 to now: BOBST – Lausanne - Switzerland (mechanical industry): QM Consultant for an audit on an existing solution before roll outs in China and India: as is, enhancements study, workshops for potential harmonized solutions…
 June to December 2015: GSK Vaccines – Belgium (Pharma Industry) : QM Consultant on the IS side of a Global Template Team.
IS activities for 2nd and 3rd support role: change requests, enhancements, bug fixing…
 Sept 2012 to may 2015: BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM – Germany (Pharma Industry) : QM Consultant on the IS side of a Global Template Team.
IS activities such as customizing, translation updates, testing, training materials to prepare, support for 3 local roll outs (Brazil, China, USA). Close to Business activities for informal tests, OQ, and key users support during phases before go lives. Template activities around enhancements of the current global solution. Deployment activities such as Fit to Standard, localizations, local adaptations, local support for deployment

2009 to July 2012 – IBM Global Business Services – Managing Consultant
 PFIZER (Pharma Industry) - 01/2012 to 06/2012: QM stream lead for a template roll out for 2 German plants.
Presented the template, fit gap analysis, used ARIS for updates on the Business Process design for the TO BE solution

 ALSTOM (Railways Industry) - 02/2011 to 06/2011 : Support role on several resolution groups of Level 2: MM, PP, PM, SD streams
Key contact between k-users (level 1) and Solution managers/ Domain leaders of ALSTOM/ Development teams (level 3)
Analysed incidents for solving through Remedy Console (performed customizing, impact analysis, functional specifications)

 Cham Paper Group (Paper Industry) - 09/ 2010 to 10/2010 : QM leader
Presented the QM standard vs the possible developments for covering business requirements. Support another QM Consultant.
Advised the client to the right solutions to take. Trained key users

 Voestalpine (Steel Industry) - 11/2010 to 12/2011: QM Consultant
Pre-selling activity. Business requirement analysis around Quality and Manufacturing processes.

 Bostick (Industrial adhesive manufacturing) - June 2010: PP Consultant
Support role during a go-live period . Reported incidents to Project management team.
Fixed some small issues related to QM, MM, PP, Printing, Master data management…

 Tereos ( Food industry) - 02/2010 to 05/2010 – QM Consultant
Requirements analysis for improving and harmonizing 2 old existing solutions for a new Industry Group. QM Support on specific developments

 Kraft (Food industry) – 01/2009 to 12/2009 – QM team leader
Coordinated the preparation of roll outs for 10 European sites located in several countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Italy)
Fit gap analysis / workshops organized for local sites. Master data preparation support. Training

2007 to 2008 – Freelance Consultant
 GSK Bio (Pharma Industry) – 01/2008 to 10/2008 – QM specialist
Implemented a QM/PM integrated solution for 2 business processes: GMP monitoring, and Equipment calibration
Customizing vs requirements, testing in pharma context, training key-users

 Astellas (Pharma Industry) – 05/2007 to 10/2007 – QM expert and leader
Designed, customized and tested a full QM solution linked to a LIMS system.
Organized workshops for the design and for impact analysis with LIMS team. Change management. Testing and Training

 Eurocopter (Aerospace Industry) – 01/2007 to 04/2007 – QM Project leader
Designed and developed several enhancements on an existing solution. General support (bug fixing, specific questions on the standard or on the bespoke solution). Activily participated to a new Manufacturing SAP Project, including the Quality business requirements

CAREER HISTORY (Continuation)

 Nestlé (Food industry) – 01/2006 to 06/2006 – QM expert and coordinator – 6 months
 QM coordinator of 16 sites, during a period of 6 months before the go-lives
 QM specialist for supporting local key-users preparing the testing, training and master data initialization

 Famar (Pharma Industry) – 01/2005 to 12/2005 – QM expert and leader – 12 months
QM team leader for implementing a QM solution. Also team member of the CS Validation team.
All Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes covered with QM

 Rexam (Pharma / packaging Industry) - 06/2004 to 09/2004 Consultant and Change management team member
Consultant and trainer on SAP/QM, PP and MM modules. Prepared all training materials on PP and QM

 Aventis (Pharma industry) - 01/ 2003 to 04/2004 : QM leader
Full project for replacing 2 old LIMS systems by SAP/QM in 5 plants.
Business requirement analysis, harmonization and simplification of business processes. Oriented the client to the right solutions to take.
QM standard, QM specific developed functionalities, testing in pharma context, training key users

 Alstom (Electrical Industry) – 10/2002 to 12/2002: QM Consultant
Expertise and support on a QM project already started. Business requirement analysis around Quality and Manufacturing processes.

 Bayer Cropscience (Pharma Industry) – 05/2002 to 08/2002 : QM Consultant
Performed preparation of an upgrade from version 4.0b to 4.6b; testing, training.
Workshops on new features for showing delta and improvements from the previous version

 LVMH ( Cosmetic industry) – 01/2001 to 04/2002 : Project leader for the QM team
Full project. Cosmetic sector. (14 months). Harmonization of quality processes for Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior and Kenzo plants.

 Honeywell Turbo Charging( Car industry) – 04/2000 to 10/2000 – QM team leader
2 international projects for upgrading from 3.1 h to 4.6b: tests on the « automotiv » version for QM module, and integration tests for MM/QM, WM/QM, et PP/QM activities, for several European sites (4 months), et North American sites (3 months).

 Rolland ( Food industry) – 01/1999 to 12/1999 – QM team leader ( 1 year - part time)
Full project on QM for covering the QC and QA processes.
Studied integration points with Manufacturing and Inventory management

 Valois ( Pharma industry) – 01/1999 to 09/1999 – QM team leader (9 months - part time)
Prepare a pilote site for implementing a QM solutions for covering some Quality Processes
Present the standard, customize, test and demonstrate the coverage of the solution especially the sampling processes

 Pechiney Rhenalu ( Steel industry) – 11/1998 to 12/1998 – QM specialist
Presented a QM standard solution taking into consideration the specific requirement of this industry

1997 to 1998 – CAP GEMINI FRANCE - SAP/ QM/ MM Junior Consultant
 Park Davis (Warner Lambert Group) (Pharma Industry) – 08/1998 to 10/2008 – MM Trainer
MM trainer on purchasing processes

 Rhone Poulenc Nutrition Animale (Chemical Industry) – 12/1997 to 07/1998 – QM leader (8 months)
Designed, customized and tested a QM solution linked to a LIMS system
Organized workshops for the design and for impact analysis with LIMS team.

 Pasteur Merieux Connaught (Pharma Industry) – 01/1997 to 11/1997 – QM Consultant (11 months)
Designed and prepared a QM standard solution covering the main QC and QA business processes
Tested in a pharma context.

1995 – 1996, GTI Industry – General Consultant
Consulting company, developing a Manufacturing Integrated tool for small industries (PMX)
Activity: prepared implementation, support before go-lives, training sessions…

1994, AMARIS – General Consultant
Consulting company, developing a Manufacturing Integrated tool for small industries (PRODUFLEX)
Activity: prepare implementations, customizing, support before go-lives, training sessions…

1991- 1992 LELEU – Project leader
Manufacturing factory, in assembly industry.
Activity: studied the implementation of an integrated solution for covering business requirements around inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, sales and accounting. Wrote the business requirements, sent the business specifications, studied the differences between 3 potential solutions before choosing and implementing one solution: PMX

Remarques :

• Consulting: Project Management, Business & IT coordination, Requirements & Process Analysis, Functional & System Design (Visio, Aris), ERP Full Cycle Implementations

• Functional expertise on SAP/ QM/ Batch management/ Classification/ PP/ PP-PI/ MM/ PM

• Business knowledge: pharmaceutical and food industries on Manufacturing (Planning, MRP, Production follow up…) and Quality processes (Sampling, QC at goods receipts, QC in production, re-testing, stability studies, audit management, batch management, Quality Notifications, certificates of Analysis…)

• Computerized System Validation

• Several full implementations in pharmaceutical environment


 1992 : Computer Aided Management Degree Université Lyon II
 1991 : Certificate of Industrial Management – CCI Bourg en B
 1989 : Technical University Degree of Physics Measures, option « instrumental technics » Clermont- Ferrand
 1997 : “Bac D” – High School degree


 French : Native
 English : Fluent
 Italian : Good

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